Successful people take drastic steps, period!

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Meet Toni Harris Taylor

International Speaker | Certified Marketing & Sales Coach 
Community Builder with Network in Action |  Author of 6 books

TV Show Host 

Meet Toni Harris Taylor

Who is Toni Harris Taylor? I’m glad you asked. 

I was recently asked, “What’s your why?” After pondering the question, I stated, “My why is to touch move and inspire my clients to be greater than they were before they met me. I’m a connector and a resource. I love helping my clients build deeper relationships that are beneficial to their life and business.” Yep that’s me! I help my clients to get out of their comfort zone to take drastic steps. The word DRASTIC is not only a mindset but it’s an action word. I believe that no one is successful without taking drastic steps, and I’m honored to help my clients to be DRASTIC!

I am a passionate speaker and marketing/sales coach. My company Drastic Results Marketing and Sales Coaching helps entrepreneurs to get known, get connected and get paid! I teach the how to leverage branding, networking, speaking to magnetically attract their clients to grow to six figures and beyond! I also have a small business TV talk show where I
interview successful entrepreneurs to touch
move and inspire them to stay in the game! 

The second way I help my clients to get drastic is to teach them how to network, give them a place to network and coach them to get known, get connected so that they can get paid. I am a community builder with Network in Action Northeast Houston (Humble, Kingwood and Atascocita). NIA is a lead generation organization that helps its members to build relationships to create more warm referrals. As a certified networker, many of my colleagues call me the Queen of Networking™. I love meeting new people and helping to facilitate connections that will help them to thrive.  Learn more at

On a personal note, I have overcome many obstacles including being a two-time widow and coming back from near-death after spending 10 days in a coma. I am remarried to Gary for 3 years, a mother to Garrett and Morgan, a stepmother to Taylisia, Tayveon and Gary. I am a grandmother to seven (5 boys, 2 girls) and a fur baby named Blue. My husband and I love to travel. I’ve been to 48 states (please invite me to Wyoming and South Dakota) and I love Canada, especially Whistler, B.C.  The dance floor is my happy place and I love to read. 

If I sound interesting to you, let’s talk. Schedule an appointment at or call me at 713.387.9273.